Instant Result Through Direct Response Advertising

There are mainly two types of advertising, those are brand advertising and direct response advertising. Brand advertising is to attract customers to ensure that your brand is the first thing on the customers’ mind when they are about to purchase a product, while direct response advertising is about making things happen now, it drives people to take immediate action. Direct response advertising comes through online branding, it works by sending messages to customers that drive them to take specific action such as purchase a branding agency malaysia product, read a new post, refer-a-friend promotion, or subscribe to a newsletter.

The characteristics of direct response advertising are trackable, measureable, has a clear call-to-action, and personalized. It is trackable and measurable because you create a goal first, and how to measure the performance. How many returns come from each advertisement and from which channel does the conversion take place? It also has a clear call-to-action, that demands customer to take immediate response to the advertisement. After the customer responded, it is important to collect the customer information to ensure engagement in the future. Furthermore, it is also personalized to targeted customers, using specific message that interest the targeted customers. It is the opposite of brand advertising that is usually has one message that fits all levels of customers.

Branding agency Malaysia fully understands how direct response advertising works, therefore it incorporates direct response advertising throughout its services of online branding. It possesses more advantages than brand advertising, because it derives instant results. Direct response advertising is very much different with the traditional advertising, therefore it is highly suggested for companies to use branding agency Malaysia services to quickly elevate their branding in this digital era.

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